Investing Silver In Malaysia – Discover How I Did It!


Hey Tung here, Yes, discover how I did it! As I mentioned in my previous post, I would like to share my story for investing silver in Malaysia with you. This is my true story on how I get started in this type of investment. Hence, if you’re looking for the best way to invest silver in Malaysia, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading… My interest in silver started in early 2012 after receiving an email from KCLau. Yes, initially, I want to diversify my investments schemes. I do not want to Continue reading

Is Silver Still A Good Investment In 2014?

There are so many speculations when it comes to the investors’ market. Everyone would love to invest in something that will have good profit margins. This is why most people are looking for information on silver investments and its viability in 2014. When compared to other valuables, most experts believe that silver would be the best investment. In most cases, when precious metals like gold are doubling in prices, silver has been seen to rise in triple value. Looking at history, when silver is compared to gold, it has always performed better than gold and by far. Generally, silver has Continue reading

Silver Performing Better than Gold | ARE YOU READY?

Silver is Performing! Silver just moved up a whopping 17.8% since last Wednesday, as compared to Gold is only 6.3% during the same period. Let’s look at the chart:- All the signs are that silver’s long correction is now over and that it is beginning a major uptrend. Silver is also entering its seasonal September uptrend. Even the silver price today (23/8/2013) is $23.18. Some analysts have credited strong physical demand and expectations of an improving global economy as among the reasons for silver’s recent surge. Yes, Silver is beginning a major uptrend, BUT, ARE YOU READY? If you tell me that you Continue reading

How Do Europeans Invest In Physical Silver Market To Get Benefits?

People who are busy in buying and selling gold are not often aware of the trends of the people who rather engage themselves in buying and selling of silver much. The truth is that silver is just as famous as gold and in recent times it is getting even more popular because of what experts are anticipating to happen with it in future. However, searching online for news, price charts and expert advises on the internet relating to silver you often come across information that is more related to North American trends of buying and selling silver. Unlike United States, Continue reading

How Do Americans Invest in Physical Silver Market?

Many Americans use silver as an investment, and there are several types of the physical silver, available at different rates. One thing to bear in mind is not to buy any paper silver as I have mentioned in my previous post. Another consideration is to store the silver in the nearby area, to safeguard against the rising fuel prices in the future. Silver coins: People can either invest in silver coins or silver bullions. Buying coins is a little more tedious. First, there are the rare coins which may be highly profitable, but not dependable, because of factors like scarcity, Continue reading

Why it is Recommended to Invest in Physical Silver but not Paper Silver?

June 5th, 2013 was World Environment Day, and the theme for this year’s celebrations is Think.Eat.Save. Nothing related to silver, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to advise you think before you eat and help save our environment! Anyway, let’s back to our main topic for this month. “Why it is recommended to Invest in Physical Silver but not Paper Silver?” I’m sure you did ask the same question before. When you invest in silver it is always recommended to invest in physical silver than paper silver because in paper silver you not have the physical possession or storage of silver bars. The silver bars Continue reading

Consider Silver Price Situation when making Silver Investment

There are different trends in silver pricing, sometimes it increases and sometimes dips down. But it is recorded that over the past few years, it has shown increasing trends. There has been considerable growth in silver prices in the year 2010 with 84% increase and in the year 2011 with 20% price growth. Analysts have confirmed that the prices of precious metals will tend to increase in the upcoming years. If you want to make silver investments then you must do it as early as possible otherwise it will be too late to invest in this precious metal. Banks have Continue reading

Thanks God, Silver Price Drops to $22 Today

Few of my friends came and thanks to me. “Luckily I read your article, else I’ll buy silver at that time, thanks Tung.” Why did my friends say that? Well, it is because silver price drops to $22 today. This silver price is the lowest for the past two years. Which statement did they refer to? “Based on my own observation, I believe that, the silver price will continue to drop next week until early May 2013.” – Tung Yes, I have made a self-analysis and stated the following statement in my earlier post, “Do Not Invest In Silver Today Continue reading

Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver

Hey, today is a hot and boring Sunday, if you’re doing nothing at home, I’d suggest you to watch this video, to discover the top 14 reasons why should you invest silver in today market. This is a 45 minutes long video, but I separate the video into 3 parts. Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver – Part 1 Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver – Part 2 Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver – Part 3 I do hope you really enjoy the “Sunday show”. As my previous post, I hope you do not invest silver in short term, Continue reading

Do Not Invest In Silver Today If You’re Looking For A Short-Term Profit!

Hi, today, I started with a title “Do Not Invest in Silver Today If You’re Looking for A Short-Term Profit!”. Today meaning 20/02/2013. Why do I say like that? (The following is just my personal comment after a year involved in this type of investment) Gold Price Close Yesterday (18/02/2013) : 1608.80 Change : 0.00 or 0.00% Silver Price Close Yesterday (18/02/2013) : 29.85 Change : 0.00 or 0.00% Gold Silver Ratio Yesterday (18/02/2013) : 53.90 Change : 0.00 or 0.00%   This is a Candlesticks chart which shows the silver price difference by weekly. Red stick indicates that the closing price of the Continue reading

Wow, Silver Investment Books Are So HOT in Malaysia Market!

“Wow, silver investment books are so HOT in Malaysia market now!” Why did I say like this? Any fact to support my statement? Well, I am just an Engineer or easy say, I am just a normal people, wishing to live peacefully in Malaysia and planning to do less work to achieve financial freedom. I am not a academician to find the fact. The reason why I say so is:- (Please allow me finish the story) As you know, Chinese New Year 2013 just around the corner, seven days from today. Hence, this morning, I went out with my wife Continue reading